Stop Taking Jesus Out of the Bible

April 20, 2022 00:48:11
Stop Taking Jesus Out of the Bible
Stop Taking Jesus Out of the Bible

Apr 20 2022 | 00:48:11


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Jon Moffitt Justin Perdue

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We believe that all of the Bible--from Genesis to Revelation--is a testimony about Jesus. We believe there is law and gospel in the Old and New Testaments. These convictions are historical, confessional, Reformed convictions. Yet, many in our day get very nervous about seeing Christ in all of the Bible and of understanding the Scriptures in terms of law and gospel. Our fear is that, at the end of it, well-meaning people discourage the saints from seeing Christ for them in all of the Scriptures. Jon and Justin talk about this on today's episode.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin continue to talk (passionately) about the tendency of many to remove Jesus from many passages of the Bible. Then the guys talk about how effective the heralding of Christ actually is.


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